Hello and welcome to my personal finance blog! My name is Gordon and I created this blog to help improve my financial situation and to help readers improve their own financial situation

About All On Line Financial

All On Line Financial is a site for anyone who craves greater financial freedom.

Are you deep in debt? I’ll share tips for digging out of debt and building a better financial future.

Do you want to buy a house and/or send your kids to college? I’ll help you do that too.

Have you been wondering how to get started with stock-market investing? I’ll teach you how to do so without gambling or excessive risk.

Are you one of those crazies with eyes on early retirement? I totally get it. Because I managed to retire early myself, I’m happy to show you how you can do the same.

You won’t find any “get rich quick” schemes here. You won’t find multi-level marketing fads or hot stock tips here. I’m not going to give you a hard sell on any products or books.
What you will find at All On Line Financial is daily information about personal finance and related topics.

How can we help you?

Alright, so we can’t wipe out your debt, but we can show you the best ways to pay it off or how to use credit cards wisely so you don’t get in debt in the first place.

We can’t increase declining incomes, but we can help you ask for a raise, start a lucrative side hustle and build habits that invite success.

We can’t change laws that allow landlords and employers to turn you down because you don’t have credit, but we can help you understand how your credit score works, how to build a better one, or where to go to get your first credit card or a card that can help you rebuild credit.

We can also help you make smarter choices when it comes to buying a house, buying a car, or pursuing a graduate degree.

I really enjoy reading finance and life articles/blogs and I also enjoying reading the comments and discussions that other people have. I hope to use this blog to educate and inform others and myself about finance, frugality, saving and the like.